This page show all the hand painted and airbrushed leather vests and jackets i created for Alice Cooper, and his

fans. Alice Cooper has worn on stage two of my painted leather vests, one on 2011/2012 tour, the other ,

donated by me and sold 12000 $, on stage at

the Solidrock Christmas Pudding 2016.

Painting for Alice Cooper

The artwork is executed by airbrushing mixed with brush ( martel) work, with acrylic inks or paints, on

leather. A final varnish is added. I work from photography and documents, and the jackets can be painted

on back only, or sleeves too, or all around , 4 sides. I work on commission.

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My t-shirts are airbrushed, and i too draw with special fabric waterproof pens; the design can be on front

side, back side, both, or total, this means a composition that go on shoulders and sleeves

Danielle Vergne